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Garth McDonald
202, 120 - 8th Street
Alberta, T1J 2J3
  403 524 3636
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“My Action COACH is a great sounding board and brings the experience of many other businesses to our discussions. He keeps me accountable and makes me focus on the systems which have helped increase productivity and therefore the bottom line.”


“After being in business for 19 months and doing exceptionally well we realized we had hit that point of Where do we go from here? And we weren’t sure what we should be doing next. One of our struggles was that even after being in business over a year people still don’t know that we are in their community and marketing and advertising is a challenge. We wanted help with where we need to go as a business and help with our business model- learning what is the right and wrong things that we are doing. Garth came in and didn’t point out the things we were doing wrong like other people we’ve come across. He presented himself as personable, honest and forthcoming. He was fabulous and for us it was an easy choice.” S. Merrills


“I hired Garth McDonald about one and a half months ago. I was impressed on how he recognized my personality type which really helped him know who he was dealing with. Garth had helped me set a couple of systems in place right away that were a noticeable improvement in my business. He taught me about margins and by how raising them just a bit could make a difference. I also learned a lot about my business when it came to keeping track of how many sales I had to make to break even and most important to make money. I had no idea there were so many ways to get customers through the door and that I would need to test and measure each one to see which ones worked best for me. I look forward to our meetings. Garth is a positive influence and gives me a great outlook on my business. Action Coach is also great in that all the coaches support each other too. There is never a question unanswered if anyone needs to know anything. How great is that? Action Coach also has great seminars for their business owners to attend. We learn so much. The last one was about the many steps in making a sale. It is something I could definitely take back to the store and teach my staff. Now I have renewed hope for my business and I am very happy Garth is working with me.” Liane F, Spruce Grove, Ab


“I want to thank you for all of your wonderful coaching. Garth is a wonderful business coach and I would encourage each of you to speak with him about coaching your business if you have not already done so. Garth will help you understand your business and your numbers before he takes your business to the next level. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Garth is always ready with valuable advice. Garth is not only a great business coach, but has also become a great friend. Thanks to you, my team and I have a clear direction of where we are headed! Thanks for all your hard work!” – Patti-Lou PLC Insurance Brokers Inc. Spruce Grove, Alberta


“Garth is great! With his background in the trades, he sees things that we don’t. He is what Action would say, a technician. Showing us how to implement the tasks is great. He asks questions that make us think about the greater good and we feel great about creating better ideas to implement. The ActionCOACH system works!” – BRCurbing  

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